“WSET education has been extremely valuable for my career and is an important qualification for anyone who wishes to get into the wine or hospitality industries.”

Yang Lu, MS, DipWSET


WSET qualifications are globally recognised as the international standard in wine, spirit and sake knowledge. 

They are designed for those who are just starting out in their careers, as well as established professionals, and the many enthusiasts who have a passion for winesspirits and sake

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As part of our commitment to advancing education and training in wines, spirits and sake, WSET Asia Pacific Limited has established a bursary fund to help potential students in the Asia Pacific region who would otherwise be unable to take a WSET qualification.

WSET Asia Pacific 

Student Bursary Fund

Applicants for the WSET Asia Pacific Bursary Fund must be of legal drinking age in the country or territory where they intend to study WSET qualification courses. 

Bursaries will be awarded on a quarterly basis in October, January, April and July and applications should be sumitted by the end of the preceeding month. 

All applications with be reviewed by the Bursary Fund Advisory Committee to confirm eligibility criteria have been met prior to allocation of funding. 

Successful applicants will be awarded a fixed financial contribution towards the cost of a course of study in HK$ or local currency equivalent: 

Level 1 qualification course: HK$  750
Level 2 qualification course: HK$ 2,000
Level 3 qualification course: HK$ 4,000
*Bursary values for the 2020/21 academic year 

The Bursary Fund Application Form must be completed in full and applicants will need to provide evidence of financial hardship or other disadvantage together with a copy of their CV and work experience to date and a letter of motivation stating how the bursary will assist in their career development plans.  The letter of motivation can be written in the language in which you intend to study. 

Applicants should ensure that they read the terms and conditions on the application form in detail before submission.


The WSET Asia Pacific Student Bursary Fund is made possible only through the generosity of companies, organisations and philanthropic individuals who have a desire to support those in the drinks industry to advance their careers and meet their potential. 

Details of the financial support provided to bursary recipients can be found in the How To Apply For A Bursary section below.

If you would like to support our Student Bursary Fund please take the time to read our Donor Charter. Our team are available to answer any questions you may have and please do not hesitate to contact us at apacbursary@wsetglobal.com.  We will respond to all enquiries within three working days. 



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The current governing board comprises Mr Nicholas Hyde, Mr Richard Connors and Mr Ian Harris MBE. For more information about WSET's board of Trustees, please visit wsetglobal.com.

As part of our commitment to advancing education and training in wines, spirits and sake, WSET Asia Pacific Limited has established a bursary fund to help potential students in Asia Pacific who would otherwise be unable to take a WSET qualification.

WSET Asia Pacific’s Student Bursary Fund is supported by the generous donations of companies, organisations and philanthropic individuals in Hong Kong SAR and the wider Asia Pacific Region. All donations are used exclusively for the benefit of eligible students.

The bursary fund aims to help a minimum of 200 students every year but this will be dependent on donations. Bursaries will be available for Level 1-3 WSET qualifications and students will be able to study with the local WSET course provider of their choice. Bursaries will be awarded to fund a fixed amount dependent on the course level. All applicants will need to provide evidence of their need for training. Successful applicants will be selected by WSET Asia Pacific's Student Bursary Fund advisory committee.

From time to time, WSET Asia Pacific Limited may carry out additional fund-raising campaigns to support particular regional initiatives. Any such fund-raising campaign will clearly state the vision, intended recipients and target funding level to ensure transparency for all donors. Funds from such campaigns will be used for the benefit of the specific campaign. However once the campaign has ended, any surplus donations will be transferred to the WSET Asia Pacific  Student Bursary Fund following consultation with the donor or donor’s representative.

The Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) is an awarding organisation and registered charity devoted to the development and delivery of qualifications and courses in wines, spirits and sake. Established in 1969 for the UK trade, WSET has since grown to become the global industry leader.

As an independent, not-for-profit organisation, our educational products offer impartial and sound learning on which individuals and businesses can build knowledge and expertise. WSET qualifications are available through a network of over 800 Approved Programme Providers (APPs) working in over 70 countries and more than 15 languages.

WSET Asia Pacific Limited is a subsidiary  of the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET). It was established in October 2015 to support the development of WSET’s wine, spirit and sake  qualifications in the Asia Pacific region. WSET Asia Pacific has tax-exempt status as a charitable organisation under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance in Hong Kong SAR.

WSET Asia Pacific develops, promotes and provides high quality education and training in wines, spirits and sake for:

- those who work in, want to work in, or are connected with the wines, spirits and sake industries

- consumer enthusiasts who would like to learn more about wines, spirits and sake




Last updated: 26 August 2020

Donations can be accepted by cheque, bank transfer or credit card payment. We regret that we are unable to accept cash donations. 

The confidentiality of all personal information relating to donors or prospective donors’ will be safeguarded in compliance with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486) and our Data Privacy Statement.

No individual personal contact information will be disclosed unless the donor gives express permission in writing at the time of donation.